System requirement:

  • Windows XP or above,
  • Intel Core2Duo,
  • 2GB RAM,
  • 5GB of Hard Disk free space,
  • 128MBs Graphic card,.

Browser Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer (recommended: IE10)
  • Mozilla Firefox (recommended: Firefox 34.0.5)
  • Safari (recommended: Safari 5.0)
  • Google Chrome (recommended: Chrome version 40)

Free Download Requirements:

  • Acrobat Reader: This software allows you to view the research publications and our online forms.
  • Java Virtual machine: This software allows you to view our historical charts.

The Customer should be aware that if the Customer trades through or on an electronic system, the Customer will be exposed to the risks of any defect, deficiency or malfunction in, and/or any breakdown, disruption or failure of, any telecommunications, computer or other electronic equipment or system associated with such electronic system. This may result in the transaction not being executed according to the Customer’s instructions or not executed at all. The methods and risks of trading on each electronic system may also differ.

There may be firewalls implemented in your company's network to disable access to unauthorised websites. You can ask and coordinate with your company's network administrator to add to your company's available list of websites.

There are various possible reasons:

  • You may have keyed in the wrong Login ID and/or Password; or
  • You may be using a web browser that is older than Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7. Only the new versions support the SSL encryption technology which protects the confidentiality and security of your internet orders. To update your browser, please access the latest free downloads such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape.

You can also contact our Investment Service Centre.

You can print out the stock chart if you are using the Google Chrome browser with the following steps:

  • Right click on the historical chart window that you want to print
  • Click on “Print” or you can choose “Export” to export it to other type of files, namely JPEG, PNG, and PDF

For other internet browsers, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard
  • Open the Paint Brush program (go to "Start" on your Windows -> "Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "Paint")
  • Click on "Edit" follow by "Paste"
  • Go to "File" follow by "Print"

If you are unable to see real-time prices, please try the following:

For Internet Explorer:
Please download the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

For clients using Windows XP:
As our Real-time Price Table is a Java-based application, customers who are using Windows XP will not be able to view the Real-time Price Table without installing the JVM software. You can download it here or from any other JVM, including Sun Microsystems. For first-time Windows XP users, you will see a prompting message to download Microsoft JVM from its website when you try to view a website or use an application that requires a JVM.

Please note that real-time prices are only available for SGX and price quotes for other markets are delayed.

For the best view of our website, your monitor should be set to 1280 x 1024 1024 using High Color quality.

Please change the settings on your browser to allow this function:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Go to "Tools" - Delete Browsing History

RHBInvest has a four hours timeout session. If there is no activity during the four hour period on the RHBInvest Trading Portal, you will be logged out of the system.