A second-factor authentication or 2FA is the verification of a user and authenticating that he is who he says he is with a unique and randomly generated password from a device that he owns that is linked to his Online Service Provider.

The current practice used in retail banking is the One-Time Password or OTP. When a user accesses an online service, in addition to User-ID and Password, the user would be required to enter an additional "second-factor password", which is generated on demand. The dynamically-generated "second-factor password" is typically delivered through a hardware token device. Other types of authentication methods include certificates and/or biometrics.

Today, Online Service Providers are deploying their own 2FA infrastructure. As a result, an authentication token or device tends to be proprietary and can only be used to access specific online services and a consumer ends up with multiple 2FA tokens or devices. Assurity aims to enable consumers to access multiple online services with their various Online Service Providers requiring 2FA, with a single device.

Please click here for the User Guide. In summary, there are several steps to use your OneKey device with your RHB Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“RHB Sec”) Trading Account:

  • Registration with Assurity to obtain your OneKey device.
  • Receive your OneKey device and your Pin Mailer Password from Assurity through the mail.
  • Activation of your OneKey device with Assurity using your Pin Mailer Password.
  • Linking your Onekey device with the RHB Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“RHB Sec”) Website.

If you have not received the 2FA device after 5 working days upon registration with OneKey, please contact the OneKey Customer Care Centre Help Desk at (65) 65663539 (OKONEKEY).

If you’ve lost your OneKey device, please contact the OneKey Customer Care Centre Help Desk at (65) 65663539 (OKONEKEY) or log in to your OneKeyKey account to suspend* or revoke** your device using your SMS OTP (One Time Password).

* To suspend means to block the use of your device for a certain period of time and you can re-activate your device for use again.

** To revoke means to terminate the use of your device completely and you will need to purchase a new device to activate your new account. For replacement due to loss, an administrative fee of S$11 may be levied by OneKey. Please take note SMS OTP is only valid if you have provided mobile number in your OneKey account.

In order to relink the 2FA security token, you will need to login as per normal. Upon login, you will encounter the 2FA login screen. Click on "here" hyperlink to find out the procedures on how to relink the token.